Freedom Pro Lipstick Retro Mattes

I am a self confessed lipstick hoarder. I probably have every color lipstick Red, Pink, Purple you name it I have it. So when I went into Superdrug and found these little sets I was overjoyed!

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I love the packaging! It’s small, cute and modern! When you first look at the packages you may think they are only small but the lipsticks are full size! Their are a few collections to choose from such as Noir Mattes, Galaxy Lip and Naked Mattes. I chose to try the Retro Mattes collection.

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You get 5 full size lipsticks in each set. In the Retro Matte set you get 2 red shades, light pink, purple and a fuchsia shade. Again the packaging is quite modern and cute.

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The shades are a perfect variety for all occasions and seasons! My favorite shade is the shade ‘Memory’. The only negative thing I would have to say is that I can’t tell much difference between the two red shades.


The results! The application is smooth and sleek. The red is a little bit messy but with a little bit of tidying is a pop of delight! My favorite results is ‘Nostalgia’ or ‘Memory’

Overall I love this set! For £5 this is a serious bargain and I’m already trying to decide which set to buy next! Let me know if you have tried this set!

Pearly x


Mermaid Starter Pack

Hands up who’s dreamed of becoming a mermaid? *Raises hand* Okay, so I accept that I can’t fully become a mermaid but I can still try! So if like me you accept you can’t fully become a mermaid then read on to find out how to get the closest you can!!



Of course the first thing on a Mermaids list is hair! I’ve had my hair all different colors but never done multi colors but I am currently trying to decide on what kind of mermaid hair I want, I’m currently stuck between pink or blue!



This ring from Etsy is the perfect mermaid accessory! The scale pattern and the lovely colours are just the perfect accessory for feeling more mermaid!

Brushes 2

If your going to be a mermaid you need mermaid make up brushes to apply that mermaid makeup! These brushes from Primark are the perfect mermaid brushes!

make up bag

This mermaid make up bag from ASOS is the perfect accessory for the wannabe mermaid! Perfect for carrying around your make up to make sure your always looking mermaid perfect!


Lastly the main thing for being a wannabe mermaid is of course makeup! The Makeup Revolution ‘Mermaids vs Unicorns’ eye palette is perfect for giving your eyes the perfect mermaid look! Also the Lottie London Mermaid Glow Highlighter is perfect for the mermaid glow!

Thank you for reading this mermaid starter pack post! Let me know what products your using for your inner wannabe mermaid!

Daily Skin Care Routine – Morning/Day

It’s Monday which means today is a beauty post! Today’s post is all about my daily skin care routine! My skin can be very sensitive to products and the smallest bit of moisturizer can cause break out but with this skin care routine my skin is clear and smooth

     1. Cleanser – Garnier Micella Cleansing Water


I’v tried quite a few cleansing products for my skin and they never really gave me that cleansed feeling. So when I tried the Garnier Michellar Water I was so happy! It gave my skin a proper cleanse but didn’t dry it out! This is always the first thing I use in the morning!

2. Toner – Simple Soothing Facial Toner


To get the little bits of dirt or make up left I use Simple’s Facial Toner. Although MY cleanser works pretty well I like to make sure I get the small specs that sometimes cleanser can’t get and this toner works really well on picking them up.

3. Superdrug SPF Moisturizing Day Cream

Superdrug cream

My skin is so sensitive to moisturizer so when I tried Superdrug’s own brand I was taking a risk but for £2.99 it was worth the risk! Luckily this moisturizer worked so well and made my skin so soft! The bonus to this moisturizer is that is has SPF 15 in so it gives you protection too!

4. Lip Butter – Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia

Lip Butter

The last thing in my daytime skin care routine is lip care. I’m very lucky that my lips don’t chap often but I do like to make sure they are moisturized. The Nivea lip butter is so nice! It gives the lips that silky soft feeling and smell is divine! I apply this every couple of hours just to give my lips a bit of a top up!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this read of my day time skin care routine! Let me know what you use in your skin care routine!

Pearly x