I started a Youtube channel?!

I realize I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately so I thought I would explain why I have been missing for a while.

I started a Youtube channel!

I started a channel a couple of months back and I’ve really been enjoying it but I admit I have sort of neglected my blog!

My first couple of videos were a vlog of my birthday trip to london and also a haul video for the same trip!

My most recent video is a video inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher which is ‘A night in with me’.

I have plans for a lot of videos involving art, travel and beauty!

Check out my channel and let me know what you think!





Mermaid Starter Pack

Hands up who’s dreamed of becoming a mermaid? *Raises hand* Okay, so I accept that I can’t fully become a mermaid but I can still try! So if like me you accept you can’t fully become a mermaid then read on to find out how to get the closest you can!!



Of course the first thing on a Mermaids list is hair! I’ve had my hair all different colors but never done multi colors but I am currently trying to decide on what kind of mermaid hair I want, I’m currently stuck between pink or blue!



This ring from Etsy is the perfect mermaid accessory! The scale pattern and the lovely colours are just the perfect accessory for feeling more mermaid!

Brushes 2

If your going to be a mermaid you need mermaid make up brushes to apply that mermaid makeup! These brushes from Primark are the perfect mermaid brushes!

make up bag

This mermaid make up bag from ASOS is the perfect accessory for the wannabe mermaid! Perfect for carrying around your make up to make sure your always looking mermaid perfect!


Lastly the main thing for being a wannabe mermaid is of course makeup! The Makeup Revolution ‘Mermaids vs Unicorns’ eye palette is perfect for giving your eyes the perfect mermaid look! Also the Lottie London Mermaid Glow Highlighter is perfect for the mermaid glow!

Thank you for reading this mermaid starter pack post! Let me know what products your using for your inner wannabe mermaid!