Daily Skin Care Routine – Morning/Day

It’s Monday which means today is a beauty post! Today’s post is all about my daily skin care routine! My skin can be very sensitive to products and the smallest bit of moisturizer can cause break out but with this skin care routine my skin is clear and smooth

     1. Cleanser – Garnier Micella Cleansing Water


I’v tried quite a few cleansing products for my skin and they never really gave me that cleansed feeling. So when I tried the Garnier Michellar Water I was so happy! It gave my skin a proper cleanse but didn’t dry it out! This is always the first thing I use in the morning!

2. Toner – Simple Soothing Facial Toner


To get the little bits of dirt or make up left I use Simple’s Facial Toner. Although MY cleanser works pretty well I like to make sure I get the small specs that sometimes cleanser can’t get and this toner works really well on picking them up.

3. Superdrug SPF Moisturizing Day Cream

Superdrug cream

My skin is so sensitive to moisturizer so when I tried Superdrug’s own brand I was taking a risk but for £2.99 it was worth the risk! Luckily this moisturizer worked so well and made my skin so soft! The bonus to this moisturizer is that is has SPF 15 in so it gives you protection too!

4. Lip Butter – Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia

Lip Butter

The last thing in my daytime skin care routine is lip care. I’m very lucky that my lips don’t chap often but I do like to make sure they are moisturized. The Nivea lip butter is so nice! It gives the lips that silky soft feeling and smell is divine! I apply this every couple of hours just to give my lips a bit of a top up!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this read of my day time skin care routine! Let me know what you use in your skin care routine!

Pearly x


Garnier Skin Active Self Heating Sauna Mask

One of my favourite beauty treats of all time Is a face mask! I love the whole process from application to peeling! This one though is a self-heating and wash off mask. I love heated masks so I was so excited to try Garnier’s Skin Active Sauna Mask

Application & Coverage


The consistency of the mask is actually quite firm so I found it quite easy to apply.

During application the mask heats up very quickly so it’s nice and toasty! I picked up a twin pack of these so the amount in the sachets isn’t a lot but there’s enough in the packet for complete coverage

Waiting Time


This is a very quick working mask as you only have to wait for 3 minutes. I never know whether to start timing when I’ve finished the application or from when I start applying so for this one I decided to start from when I finished applying.

   Removal & Result

Washing the mask off was a pretty easy procedure! Just a simple wash easily removes the product. After I use a face mask I always give my face a wipe over with some cleanser and a cotton pad. The result was very pleasing. My skin felt softer and more refreshed. The packet said 7 days freshness. I did feel the result for a few days after and I will be most definitely using the second sachet!