I started a Youtube channel?!

I realize I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately so I thought I would explain why I have been missing for a while.

I started a Youtube channel!

I started a channel a couple of months back and I’ve really been enjoying it but I admit I have sort of neglected my blog!

My first couple of videos were a vlog of my birthday trip to london and also a haul video for the same trip!

My most recent video is a video inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher which is ‘A night in with me’.

I have plans for a lot of videos involving art, travel and beauty!

Check out my channel and let me know what you think!





Summer Wardrobe Essentials

We all have our favorite wardrobe items we can pair with literally anything. Usually I swap items round with the seasons so as we are now officially in summer I thought I’d share with my wardrobe essentials for summer 2017!

Whole items

Denim Jacket – Marks and Spencer £29.50

Denim Jacket

In the summer a denim jacket is a requirement! It’s perfect as you don’t get too warm and if the temperature does drop it keeps you warm. This one from Marks and spencers is perfect for the season! And at £29 it’s a bargain!

Floral Wedges – Toms – £54.99


A new Summer brings in a new pair of wedges and this summer my new pair are these beautifully floral wedges from Toms! Also a peep toe for the summer is a must so these shoes fulfill every requirement!

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban Clubround – £134


Of course in the Summer we need our shades! MY go to brand for shades is Ray-Ban! They’re modern, sleek and effortlessly cool! These Clubrounds are typical Ray-Ban and perfect for not just summer but all year round!

Embroidered Back Maxi Dress – Sans Souci – £22.99



I typically buy a few new dresses in summer and the type I buy the most of is maxi dresses! This one is literally the most beautiful maxi dress I have ever seen! The embroidery detail on the back of the dress is so pretty!

Boohoo – Oversized Boyfriend V Neck Tee – £10


Finally the last thing I find a essential in summer is a oversized top and this Boyfriend V Neck Tee from Boohoo is literally perfect! It’s perfect for the later summer days when the temperature starts to go down but not enough you need to dig out your autumn wardrobe!


HOpe you’ve all enjoye a rumage through my Summer wardrobe essentials! Let me know what your summer wardrobe essentials are! Also I will begin filming for my YouTube channel on Monday so I will be launching that very soon!

Pearly X

Freedom Pro Lipstick Retro Mattes

I am a self confessed lipstick hoarder. I probably have every color lipstick Red, Pink, Purple you name it I have it. So when I went into Superdrug and found these little sets I was overjoyed!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

I love the packaging! It’s small, cute and modern! When you first look at the packages you may think they are only small but the lipsticks are full size! Their are a few collections to choose from such as Noir Mattes, Galaxy Lip and Naked Mattes. I chose to try the Retro Mattes collection.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

You get 5 full size lipsticks in each set. In the Retro Matte set you get 2 red shades, light pink, purple and a fuchsia shade. Again the packaging is quite modern and cute.

Processed with VSCO with  preset IMAG3371

The shades are a perfect variety for all occasions and seasons! My favorite shade is the shade ‘Memory’. The only negative thing I would have to say is that I can’t tell much difference between the two red shades.


The results! The application is smooth and sleek. The red is a little bit messy but with a little bit of tidying is a pop of delight! My favorite results is ‘Nostalgia’ or ‘Memory’

Overall I love this set! For £5 this is a serious bargain and I’m already trying to decide which set to buy next! Let me know if you have tried this set!

Pearly x

Mermaid Starter Pack

Hands up who’s dreamed of becoming a mermaid? *Raises hand* Okay, so I accept that I can’t fully become a mermaid but I can still try! So if like me you accept you can’t fully become a mermaid then read on to find out how to get the closest you can!!



Of course the first thing on a Mermaids list is hair! I’ve had my hair all different colors but never done multi colors but I am currently trying to decide on what kind of mermaid hair I want, I’m currently stuck between pink or blue!



This ring from Etsy is the perfect mermaid accessory! The scale pattern and the lovely colours are just the perfect accessory for feeling more mermaid!

Brushes 2

If your going to be a mermaid you need mermaid make up brushes to apply that mermaid makeup! These brushes from Primark are the perfect mermaid brushes!

make up bag

This mermaid make up bag from ASOS is the perfect accessory for the wannabe mermaid! Perfect for carrying around your make up to make sure your always looking mermaid perfect!


Lastly the main thing for being a wannabe mermaid is of course makeup! The Makeup Revolution ‘Mermaids vs Unicorns’ eye palette is perfect for giving your eyes the perfect mermaid look! Also the Lottie London Mermaid Glow Highlighter is perfect for the mermaid glow!

Thank you for reading this mermaid starter pack post! Let me know what products your using for your inner wannabe mermaid!

OOTD Special! Boutique of Molly

Today’s fashion post is a special OOTD post dedicated to a dress I bought from a super cute site called Boutique of Molly!The first thing that’s so pretty is the pink parcel your order comes in! It adds just a little bit more excitement!


The dress I bought was the Asia dress and it’s so gorgeous! The main colour is white but it has blue patterns and blue tassels on the side. The material is so light and comfortable and is perfect for the current weather!

Their are some really cute details on this dress! First is the waist cute out detail so it shows some skin but only a peek! The second is the lace up side detail which again shows a bit of skin but more of a tease. The third detail is the blue tassels! There just so cute!


I paired the dress with my New Look Denim Jacket and the combination works so well! You can’t see the shoes I paired the outfit with in the picture but I paired them with a pair of Suede block heel sandals from New Look!


Thank you for reading this special OOTD! Check out BoutiqueofMolly.com for their cute clothes and they also have some gorgeous bags too!

Let me know if you find any pieces you likes from their shop!

Pearly xx

Daily Skin Care Routine – Morning/Day

It’s Monday which means today is a beauty post! Today’s post is all about my daily skin care routine! My skin can be very sensitive to products and the smallest bit of moisturizer can cause break out but with this skin care routine my skin is clear and smooth

     1. Cleanser – Garnier Micella Cleansing Water


I’v tried quite a few cleansing products for my skin and they never really gave me that cleansed feeling. So when I tried the Garnier Michellar Water I was so happy! It gave my skin a proper cleanse but didn’t dry it out! This is always the first thing I use in the morning!

2. Toner – Simple Soothing Facial Toner


To get the little bits of dirt or make up left I use Simple’s Facial Toner. Although MY cleanser works pretty well I like to make sure I get the small specs that sometimes cleanser can’t get and this toner works really well on picking them up.

3. Superdrug SPF Moisturizing Day Cream

Superdrug cream

My skin is so sensitive to moisturizer so when I tried Superdrug’s own brand I was taking a risk but for £2.99 it was worth the risk! Luckily this moisturizer worked so well and made my skin so soft! The bonus to this moisturizer is that is has SPF 15 in so it gives you protection too!

4. Lip Butter – Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia

Lip Butter

The last thing in my daytime skin care routine is lip care. I’m very lucky that my lips don’t chap often but I do like to make sure they are moisturized. The Nivea lip butter is so nice! It gives the lips that silky soft feeling and smell is divine! I apply this every couple of hours just to give my lips a bit of a top up!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed this read of my day time skin care routine! Let me know what you use in your skin care routine!

Pearly x

Giveaway Time!!

As promised to celebrate the launch of my blog I am officially hosting a Instagram giveaway! Little bit more delayed than I planned but being ill created havoc!


The prize up for grabs is the Stardust nail set from Primark! All you have to do to enter is like the give away picture on Instagram and be following me! For a bonus entry you can enter on twitter to by liking the giveaway tweet but again you must be following me! Closing date for enteries is the 12th May and is open to everyone!

Good Luck! x


I’m back! After being sick for a little over a week with the flu I’m back and ready to blog again! So as today was the first day back to full health I thought I’d share with you my outfit for my night out!

Night dress

Skater Dress Boohoo £15

Skater dress

Skater dresses are my go to dress when I can’t think of what I want to wear. This dress is my favorite! I found this on Boohoo.com and it was £15! Bargain! The dress is oc omfy and fits perfectly!

Charlotte Russe Caged Stackable Rings £4.65


I love stackable rings so when I found these I had to have them and the price is perfect! I’ve wore these near enough everyday since I’ve got them and they are so glamorous!

Boho Pearl Earrings £18 ShopLuzzo.com


I love these earrings! There so pretty and they go well with not only a daytime outfit but also are very glamorous for night wear too!

Anladia Heart-lock Envelope Clutch £31 Overstock.com


This is my favorite clutch for a night out! Easy enough to fit phone, keys, money and what ever you need for your night! It also has a cute little love heart shaped lock!

Catherine Malandrino Open Toe Ankle Strap Sandals £39


These are literally my favorite shoes of all time! They go with just about anything from dresses to jeans! Usually with heels this height they can get uncomfortable on nights out but because these are a block heel they are so comfy!

Kiko Smart Eyeshadow Palette £12.90


This is just a divine eye shadow palette! The shades are just so good! I use this for both day and night looks as the shades can create perfect smokey look!

MAC Red Satin Lipstick £16.50


The perfect lipstick to go with a near enough all black outfit is MAC red satin lipstick! It’s bold and it’s lasts all night so there’s no need to worry about staying power!

Hope you’ve all enjoyed my OOTD post I have a special one coming up next week so stay tuned! x

New Beauty Buys!

Recently I’ve been searching for all sorts of things beauty wise! A few good finds later and I’ve got myself a new mini collection! In this collection is one of my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time and a miracle for dark circles!



Make up revolution ‘Unicorns Unite’ eyeshadow palette

This is my favorite eyeshadow palette of all time! Not only because I love unicorns but it’s just so pretty and glittery! I haven’t tried out all of the shades yet but so far they look truly magical!

Make Up Revolution eyeshadow palette ‘Flawless 2’

Another make up revolution eyeshadow palette this time in ‘Flawless 2’. The palette was on sale for £5 so how could I say no?? Again I’ve not tried all of them but I have tried the shade ‘impeccable’ blended in with ‘official and got a amazing result!

Shades ‘impeccable’ and ‘Official’ blended


L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Awakening and correcting eye cream

This has been a miracle of miracles for me because I’ve always had trouble with fine line coverage under my eyes, but since trying this my troubles have gone! This also helps of you have trouble with slight dark circles and makes you look and feel more awake!

L’Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll mascara

Everyone loves colonised lashes and since trying this mascara I love them even more! It has a really neat brush which I didn’t expect to give a lot of volume but it did! Not only did my lashes look pretty but the packaging is actually quite cute!

Let me know what AMAZING products you have been trying lately and whether you have tried any in my little haul! X

What’s in my handbag?

Usually with what’s in my bag posts it should be everything that’s inside but what I’ve just discovered is that I have made a small beauty collection in my handbag. So as I have a small collection in my handbag I thought I’d share with you what’s in my mini collection!

The Mini Collection


Nivea Pearl Shine Lip balm

My lips can get dry and chapped very quickly so this is my savior most colder days! Not only do I love the product because of the name (hehe) but it is one of the best lip products I’ve tried! It’s not greasy or sticky and it doesn’t have any kind of perfume scent! It also has a pinky type of shade so it’s a mix of lip balm and lipstick!


Witch Blemish Stick

MY skin can have breakouts at any random time so Witch’s Blemish Stick is a literal god send! A quick dab and the beginning of the spot or blemish is stopped. I’ve been using this for about 2 months and my skin is so much better and healthier!


Collection BB Cream

I am yet to find a foundation that my skin can handle with out drying out..but my savior is this BB cream from Collection! This is literally is my go to instead of foundation. It has perfect coverage and is not to thick or thin. I discovered this when I was in my old job 2 years ago and my day started at 6 am so I needed something quick and easy to apply and this was my answer!!


Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette: Essential Shimmers

Makeup Revolution is my favorite make up brand so to have a full eye shadow palette in my handbag is no surprise! This is my go to palette for day time looks. It give a simple look but gives glamour through and through! My favorite shades on this palette on the pinky purplish shades just so pretty!


 Essence Get Big Lashes Mascara

I’ve had this mascara for about two months and it really is a product that does what it says! My lashes appear so much more volumised and and boosted! I’ve tried many mascaras to get this effect but this is the one that has delivered the most!


Make up Revolution Rose gold Lipstick in ‘Red Carpet’

I don’t wear this for the day but I always find this handy to carry in case boldness and glam is needed quickly! The shade is a bright redish colour with a hint of shimmer. Always the winner in emergency glamour!

Hope you enjoyed a look around my handbag! Do you have your own mini beauty collection in your handbag? Let me know what products you always carry around!

P.S Purple Manicure courtesy of Essence Cosmetics 🙂